Trae IsAAc

Trae IsAAc
Artist Entertainer

My name is Trae IsAAc, Artist and creator born in Detroit. I’ve been creating since 2006 inspired by personal philosophies and overcoming adversity. Originally my aspirations were to be an architect, but due to the loss of my younger brother and then mother of the same cancer, my life changed inside and out. This resulted in the need to express my thoughts and emotions via fine art. In 2009 my mind was set to create my own lane to happiness and express motivational and inspirational passion via multiple mediums (acrylic painting/graphic design/clothing design/illustration/screen printing) on multiple canvases (clothes/walls/floors/pianos/furniture sets/etc), and I’ve grown to be an artist that most of my peers and friends respect and admire. As a Lifestyle Creator, I look forward to creating for those who are inspired by my vision. Strong and tranquil energies are represented through the execution and techniques of my works which are seasoned by my personal experiences as well as ones shared with many others.

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