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Select the ART for one of our public events!

We want to provide you with the opportunity to paint the art YOU want to paint. So we’ve opened up our public events to the possibility of having the art changed. Any party that hasn’t already had tickets purchased is open to change, so fill out the form to the right or call us if there is a particular painting YOU want to paint!



Program Restrictions:

  1. We typically only change paintings for Monday – Thursday events.
  2. You may also elect to switch to a different medium for the event (for example, a glass painting event)
  3. You must purchase a minimum of 5 tickets to participate in this program.
  4. You may select your event’s featured painting from our Adult Gallery, Teen Gallery, Kid’s Gallery, or you can commission your own (call us for more details on custom art).
  5. You can begin the process by filling out the form to the left OR calling our customer support staff MON-SAT 12:00-7:00 at (734) 720-9777.
  6. If you choose to use the form, you will be contacted during our working hours to confirm and arrange the art change and make arrangements for the purchase of your tickets.
  7. If an event has already been switched to another painting, it can not be switched again.

Once confirmed, we will change the event to your selected painting.  This party will remain public, so other guests might purchase tickets to it as well.

Your Name (required):

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Date of the class art you want to change (required) format: mm/dd/yyyy):

Name of the painting you want to change the class to (required):

Please confirm that you will purchase 5+ tickets for this class (required):

Any additional information?

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