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How to use a voucher (Groupon, reschedule, or similar)

Step by step instructions on how to reserve a class with a voucher.

You must redeem your Groupon, Living Social, or other daily deal voucher on our website to register for one of our events. Due to the limited seating and preparation required for our classes, we ask for all patrons to pre-register for their classes on our website. You can not simply bring in your voucher to one of our events, so please follow the instructions below to use your voucher and properly register for your desired class.

You may also use these instructions for one of our own Paint and Pour coupons or reschedule vouchers, just skip directly to step 3.



1. Retrieve your voucher from whatever daily deal site you purchased it from.

Groupon Example:

  1. Login and hover over your name in the top right.
  2. Click on My Groupons
  3. Click on View Voucher

Select the appropriate site to be forwarded to your purchase:
Groupon | Living Social


2. Note the redemption code listed on your voucher.

Here is the location of the redemption code on sample vouchers from the main daily deal sites:


3. Select an applicable class from our calendar at https://thepaintandpour.com/events

Our events are usually posted months in advance, so you can scroll through all the available classes to select the one that fits your taste and schedule best. Early registration is encouraged, as we DO sell out of seats!

4. Scroll down to the “Purchase Ticket” form at the bottom of the event page, add your tickets, and click [Add to Cart].

The “Purchase Ticket” form will also inform you of the exact number of tickets available for this class in the right hand column. If you wish to attend this class with friends, then make sure there are enough spaces for everyone.

Multiple voucher orders can be processed at once, but make sure you have all of the Redemption Codes you have purchased from your daily deal site.

5. In the Coupon field under your order summary, enter in the Redemption Code that is listed on your voucher, then click [Apply Coupon].

Your order should now show an “Order Total” of $0, unless your voucher has expired or you have selected a 3 hour or specialty class, in which case it will read the balance after your $35 credit. Expired vouchers will usually generate a credit of $20 or $19.99.

Some customers have had difficulties finding all of their Redemption Codes from Groupon and Living Social. When you pull up your voucher on the daily deal site, make sure you are scrolling down to get all of the codes.  Each code is listed on it’s own separate voucher page, so it can be confusing to only see one code when it first loads.

6. Click [Proceed to Checkout].

The page will refresh and ask for your personal information. If you have a balance, either from using an expired voucher or a more expensive class, then it will also have a payment section on the bottom of the page. The Billing Address must match the Credit Card’s billing address, if an additional payment is required.

7. Fill in your personal details, and make sure you enter in an accurate email. Then click [Place Order].

Your ticket will be emailed to you later that day. You may print it out and bring it in with you to your class, or we can just check you in with your name.

8. You have completed your order! Now get ready for some fun!

Not sure how to prepare for you big night on the town? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more info!


  • Our current promotion is for ALL of our locations, including off-site events and our studios in Dearborn, Ypsilanti, Hell & Brighton.
  • You can view a calendar of all of our events at https://thepaintandpour.com/events/.
  • Vouchers are not applicable to private events, FUNdraisers, and specialty events.
  • You may use a voucher for a 3 hour or Specialty class, but you would have to pay the difference.
  • Once the promotional value expires, you may use this same guide to redeem your voucher for face value (usually $20).

Daily Deal Vouchers and Cancellations

While you are here, there are some special considerations in regards to daily deal vouchers when you have to cancel a class.

1. We are happy to reschedule your class at no penalty with at least 48 hours of advance notice.

Visit our Cancellation Request Form and fill out the details for your order. We will reissue your voucher and email it back to you within a few days.

2. We can not issue you a refund for an order that was paid for by voucher.

Since one of the daily deal sites collected your payment, we have no way of issuing you a refund for your purchase. You may request a refund from the daily deal site, which we will not dispute (as long as you have actually not used your voucher), but there may be terms or stipulations on their end that you must meet.

3. Reissued vouchers have the same promotional terms as their original counterparts.

This means that when the promotional term expires, all vouchers from that series, including reissued/rescheduled vouchers, are changed to face value credits. Usually, this means that they convert from a $35 credit (for a 2 hour class) to a $20 or $19.99 credit, which is what you originally paid for them. This is an automatic process, and we can not make extensions on their duration.

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