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How to Cancel a Ticket

Use this form to submit your Rescheduling request

We understand that plans change, and that sometimes things need to be moved around. If you need to cancel a ticket to one of our classes, just fill in the form below. If you need to cancel several orders (not several tickets, but several individual orders), then you must fill in this form for EACH order that needs to be canceled.


Due to the nature of our business, last minute cancellations will not receive a refund or reschedule voucher unless they are the products of extreme circumstances. We apologize in advance for any frustration this might cause, but at that stage we have already incurred costs in staffing and materials.



1.1 Your Name *

1.2 Your Phone # *

1.3 Your Email *


2.1 Date of the Event on your current Ticket (required format: mm/dd/yyyy)
example: December 05, 2019 = 12/05/2019

2.2 Name of the Painting for the Event to be Cancelled *


2.3 Location of the Event to be Cancelled *


3.1 Your Order # for the Event to be Cancelled, as listed in the email we sent to you originally *

3.2 How many Tickets need to be Cancelled from this Order? *

3.3 List the names of the Attendees must be Cancelled *


4.1 Once we have Cancelled your ticket, what would you like us to do? *


NOTE: If you purchased your ticket with a Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local, or similar voucher, then we can NOT process a refund for the transaction, as we never directly received a payment from you.

We CAN issue you a reschedule voucher, but if the promotion terms for your deal have already expired, then it will be for the face value of the voucher (generally $20).

EXAMPLE: Say you bought a Groupon in May that expires in August, and you used the Groupon to schedule a class in July, but were unable to attend that class. Upon request, we issued you a reschedule voucher, but you delayed using the voucher until September, which is AFTER the expiration of the Groupon deal. At this time it would apply a credit of $20 (what you paid for it on Groupon) on your order, instead of the full promotional value of a 2 hour class ($35) that it would apply DURING the promotion terms.

4.2 Are you submitting this request at least 48 hours BEFORE your originally scheduled event's start time? *
Yes (explanation not required)No (fill in explanation below)

4.3 Explanation

* REQUIRED field

After you have submitted your request, you will receive an email within 48 hours with your reschedule voucher, as well as instructions on how to use it. If you find yourself a bit lost on how to use your reschedule voucher, then refer to our How to use a Voucher tutorial, skipping steps 1 and 2. We are sorry, but we cannot reschedule ‘no shows’, as we have already purchased supplies and paid for staff.

Note: Paint and Pour reserves the right to cancel any event that does not have a minimum number of attendees, or for adverse weather conditions, sickness, etc. We do our best to delay cancellation to the very last moment, up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time, to give the maximum amount of time for patrons to schedule their attendance.

If your class has been canceled, you will be contacted via email and phone to make arrangements to reschedule your tickets.

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