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Searching for a way to earn more for YOUR charity?

Let a Paint and Pour FUNdraiser do the work for you!

How to Schedule YOUR Paint Party!:


1. Grab a Contract

Our contracts are available here in PDF format (if you can not open the contract, download Adobe’s free PDF viewer here).

2. Submit Contract

Event dates are scheduled in the order they are received. First come, first served! We will call you to confirm all details.

3. Publicize & Sell

We will post a public event page & tickets to spread the word about your event. Then its up to you to get those tickets sold!

4. Earn Some $$$!

Get ready for us to put on an event that will be sure to leave your guests wanting more while earning some $$$ for YOUR charity!

Download More Information

If you can not open these files, download a free PDF viewer here).

Event Base Costs:

Adult Standard Class (2 Hour): $35 per person
This is our standard class length/cost.

Adult Extended Class (3 Hour): $45 per person
This class features more complex paintings.

Paint your Pet/Partner/House (3 Hour): $55 per person
Send in pictures and we’ll help you turn them into masterpieces!

Collaborative Collage (3 Hour): $55 per person
Work together to create a MEGA painting! There is an additional setup charge of $100 (or more, depending on complexity) to prepare the collage.

Class duration is determined by the painting you select.

Initial Fees:

Paint and Pour charges an Initial Fee of 2x a single ticket cost to setup your event. However, when your event is booked, you will provide the names of the first two guests. In effect, we are not charging anything extra for the booking, we are just requiring a minimal processing fee be paid in advance to setup the event details with our administration team. Unlike normal tickets to classes, there are no refunds for Initial Fees, as the work will already have been completed by our administration staff.

Typical Initial Fees:

2 Hour Child $50
3 Hour Child $70
2 Hour Teen $70
3 Hour Teen $90
Specialty $110

Charity Proceeds:

We offer a portion of each ticket sale back to your charity. Checks are cut up to 4-6 weeks after the event date, and must be made out to the charity’s legal name.

1-14 tickets
15-25 tickets
26-30 tickets
31-35 tickets
36-40 tickets
41-45 tickets
46+ tickets
2 Hr Class
$10 per ticket
$11 per ticket
$12 per ticket
$13 per ticket
$14 per ticket
$15 per ticket
3 Hr/Spclty Class
$15 per ticket
$16 per ticket
$17 per ticket
$18 per ticket
$19 per ticket
$20 per ticket

You may also choose to add an additional donation to our base ticket cost, of which 100% is donated to the charity. However, we do not suggest adding more then $5-10 to the ticket cost.

How to Contact Us:

EMAIL:   events@thepaintandpour.com
PHONE: 1-734-720-9777, option 2
FAX:       1-734-720-9778

Paint and Pour is dedicated to helping our community through the gift of art. If you are looking for a FUNdraiser for your 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, we can help! Schedule a FUNdraiser with us and we’ll dedicate a significant portion of each ticket to your cause! Let us help you make your next FUNdraiser event a memorable one. We’ll leave your donors smiling, and they’ll be sure to talk about it for weeks!

Venue Minimum & Maximum Capacity:

Ypsilanti Studio

5 South Washington St, Ypsilanti MI 48197
Just South of Michigan Ave on Washington St, in Downtown Ypsilanti

Main Classroom: Seats 24 comfortably, 30 cramped.
15 person minimum for private parties.
Private Classrooms: Seats 18 and 12 (2 rooms)
10 person minimum for private parties.

NOTE: Only the main floor of the Ypsi studio is handicap accessible. If you are going to have guests with mobility issues, please inform our staff that the event must be scheduled in the main classroom.

Brighton Studio

111 West St., Brighton MI 48116
Hosted by Studio West Gallery, located behind the Pound, facing the Downtown Brighton parking.

Main Classroom: Seats 42 comfortably, 46 cramped.
15 person minimum for private parties.
Secondary Classroom: Seats 12 comfortably, 13 cramped.
10 person minimum for private parties.

NOTE: The Brighton studio is fully handicap accessible.

Dearborn Studio

22000 Michigan Ave, Dearborn MI 48124
Located on Michigan Ave and Monroe, in Downtown Dearborn.

Main Classroom: Seats 40 comfortably, 44 cramped.
15 person minimum for private parties.
Secondary Classroom: Seats 30 comfortably, 33 cramped.
10 person minimum for private parties.

NOTE: The Dearborn studio is fully handicap accessible.

Hell Studio

10866 Cedar Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169
Located inside Heavenly Horse Stables Event Room, in Hell Creek Ranch Campground in Pinckney.

Main Classroom: Seats 30 comfortably.
10 person minimum for private parties.

NOTE: The Hell studio is fully handicap accessible.

Mobile - Partner Venues at Bars/Restaurants

We have DOZENS of locations across Metro Detroit

Chances are, we’re right next door to you!

Varies: Our partners seat 25 to 100+, depending on the venue.
15 person minimum for private parties.

Scheduling private parties with our partner venues takes longer than usual, as we have to coordinate schedules with the partner venue, patrons, and our staff.

Partner venues rarely have Fridays or Saturdays available.

A Transportation & Travel Fee is required for Mobile Off-Site events (usually around $25). We also rent tables & chairs!

Mobile - We come to YOUR location!

Insert YOUR address here!
That’s right, we bring the pARTy to ALL of Greater Detroit!

Max occupancy based on space and resources (tables/chairs).
15 person minimum for private parties.

Paint and Pour is 100% Mobile, with artists available to bring the pARTy to YOUR home, church, work, or other facility.

A Transportation & Travel Fee is required for Mobile Off-Site events (usually around $25). We also rent tables & chairs!

Check on Date Availability:

Contact Name (required):

Contact Email (required):

Contact Phone (required):

Organization Name (required):

Is this organization a Not-For Profit per the IRS? (required):
YesNoNot Sure

Desired Event Date (required - format: mm/dd/yyyy):

Desired Event Time (required):

Where would you like to hold this event? (required):

For off site events, enter the partner venue or address here:

Event Details:


General Information for all Private Events:

This information applies to ALL private parties:

  • You may select your event’s featured painting from our Adult Gallery, Teen Gallery, Kid’s Gallery, or you can commission your own! (See the Optional/Conditional Costs section below.)
  • Our staff will setup & breakdown all art related materials.
  • All materials for the painting class are covered in the event cost, including a quality canvas (for each participant), paint, easel, brushes, apron, etc.

Please make sure to read the sections specific to your venue as well.

Studio Events in Ypsilanti/Brighton/Dearborn/Hell:

The following information only applies to events at our studios:

  • Studio events are BYOB. You may bring in your own drinks or food.
  • We suggest keeping food limited to appetizers and hand food, as you will spend most of your time with a paint brush in one hand!
  • We stock wine keys, cups, plates, utensils, & napkins available for our guests.
  • We have a limited quantity of glass wine glasses available at the studios.

Off-Site Events at Partner Venues:

This information only applies to events at our partner venues:

  • These events are not BYOB. You may NOT bring in your own drinks or food.
  • Exceptions can be made for birthday cakes and other specialty items.
  • Age requirements stipulated by the partner venues must be upheld.
  • Scheduling private events at partner venues requires a longer preparation time, as we must synchronize the event between the venue, patron, and our staff.

Off-Site Events at YOUR Location:

We love to bring the pARTy on the road, but we do require a few things:

  • We require adequate tables and seating for all painters. We do offer tables and chairs for rent, see the Contract for more details.
  • Our staff will require access to a sink to clean brushes after your event. This should take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
  • We will need access to garbage facilities to dispose of waste after the event.


Alcohol Policy

  • No underage drinking will be permitted under any circumstances. If a patron is caught indulging in underage drinking, it will stand as grounds for immediate cancellation
  • We reserve the right to terminate alcohol consumption at our discretion.
  • We will not allow open containers to leave the premises of an event.
  • For events hosted at off-site locations owned/maintained by the patron, the patron is responsible for obtaining permission from the location.

Rescheduling Policy

We believe that the best part of our business is our relationship with our customers, so we do our best to work with you, even when problems arise.

Rescheduling Terms:
You may opt to reschedule your Private Party with 7+ days advance notice at no charge. Should you wish to cancel your event with 7+ days of notice, only the first two tickets and custom art fee will be forfeit – no exceptions, no refunds! After this grace period (requests with less than 48 hours), no refunds or reschedules will be permitted.

Cancellation Policy

Despite the best intentions and most organized of plans, we understand that unforeseen events can arise, so please let us know immediately if your event needs to be canceled.

Cancellation Terms:
You may cancel your event with at least 7 days advance notice, in which case you may use the first two tickets/Initial Fees on a future event. If you wish to cancel an event with 48 hours – 6 days of notice, the first two tickets, custom art & rush fees will be forfeit. After this grace period (requests with less than 48 hours), no refunds or reschedules will be permitted.



Coupons and Vouchers are NOT applicable to Private Events. This includes Groupons, Living Socials, and our own coupons, unless specifically stated in the coupon/voucher terms.

Optional/Conditional Costs:

  • If hosted at an off-site location, a Transportation & Travel Fee will be required. Costs are determined by the distance from Ann Arbor OR Brighton. 1-30 Miles = $25, 31 Miles + = $1 for each mile over 30. (Ex. Brighton to Macomb Twp. = 65 miles, or $25 + $35 = $60). View the Contract for more details.
  • For an additional Custom Art Fee of $50 – $100, our artists will develop a custom painting for your class to your specifications! View the Contract for more details.
  • We do offer Table and Chair Rental for Off Site Parties at your own location (home, work, church, etc.). Costs are $10 per table (seats 6) and $2 per chair. View the Contract for more details.
  • If you require further event services (videography, photography, dj, catering, etc.), then please Contact Us to discuss your event in more detail. We have arrangements with several event service partners that might be of use to you!
  • Several of our Venues offer private rental of their locations. Contact Us for more details, if you need a space!

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