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How to TAG & SHARE your photo on Facebook

A Step by Step tutorial!

Here at Paint and Pour, we run an ongoing WEEKLY contest for FREE Paint and Pour classes at all of our studios and off site venues. To enter, you must simply tag your photo from our facebook page, but not everyone knows HOW to tag, so this tutorial should walk you through the process.

1. Go to the Paint and Pour Fan Page at: http://www.facebook.com/thepaintandpour

2. If you have not done so already, click on the “LIKE” button circled in the image below. Only fans of our page can tag themselves in a photo.


3. Now click on the Photos tab.


4. Here you will see a display of the last few images added to our Facebook page, but we can go directly to the photos from the event you attended by clicking on “Albums”.


5. Each event will have it’s own album, so scroll down to the event you attended and click on it. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use the “Renew” painting.


6. This will bring up the event’s photos. There will always be at least one group picture, and occasionally we’ll have a bunch more. Click on the picture you would like to tag.


7. This will bring up a “lightbox” of that picture. When you hover your mouse over the picture, you will see the “Tag Photo” option appear at the bottom of the page. Click on this and your mouse will turn into a crosshair target. Click on yourself in the picture. NOTE: If you do NOT see a Tag Photo button appear when you hover your mouse on the picture, it probably means that you forgot to “LIKE” us on the front page. Go back to step 1.


8. Now a pop-up window will appear asking you to add in your Facebook name. You may also add friends that attended the event with you!


That’s it! You’ve officially tagged yourself on the photo.

If you like, you can also share the photo on your own Facebook page. To do so, click on the “Share” button that appears under the image when you hover your mouse over it.


A pop-up window will appear, where you can add your own optional comments to the picture. Then just hit the share button and it will appear on your timeline!


You may also add comments to the picture, which are stored to the right of the image. To add your own comment, just click in the box in the bottom right corner and type away!


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