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Interested in adding a new profit stream?

We can help you do it!

Are you an Art Gallery, Community Center, Restaurant, Banquet Hall, Conference Center, or other locale with space for 30 to 40 people? Then we might be just what you are looking for. Paint and Pour is actively looking for host Venues for our paint parties, and you might just fit the bill.

We do not charge you ANYTHING for our services. Our company was created as a haven for artists to be able to build their own business networks, so we embrace profit sharing on every level, from artists to studio to our own company. We all receive a piece of the revenue for each person that attends the event, so the more people that come, the more we ALL make.

A full class could net your studio several hundred dollars in revenue for a 2 hour event (+1 hour for set-up/clean-up). We can host 3+ events per day at each venue, so the profit potential is impressive, once the word has spread and you have developed a steady client roster.

What We Offer

  • Promotional space on our website for your studio
  • All painting materials (paint, brushes, easels, etc.)
  • Party accessories (wine screws/bottle openers, etc.)
  • One of our talented Instructor/Entertainers
  • An assistant (if pre-sales are over 24 people)
  • A night of fun and art!

What You provide

  • Six 8′ tables and 40 stools (we can provide these if needed, but deduct a transport cost of $50 per day from your profit)
  • Climate controlled location
  • Access to parking for patrons
  • Studio logos & information for promotions
  • Ability to post flyers to studio website/mailing list
  • Someone to open and lock up the studio!

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