Lee A

Lee A

Lee Amo Mitchell is a self­ taught artist and has her degree in architecture and construction management from Ferris State University. She has been commissioning her contemporary art for two years to private residences. She has been drawing since she can remember and has always had the talent to be able to look at an image or painting and recreate it. Born in Wyandotte, MI, her elementary school had art class instead of music and gym and really gave her a good foundation into the creative outlet that art provides. Raised in Saginaw, MI, her high school recognized her growing talent and chose her to custom paint a large ivy piece in their attendance office. This piece was the turning point that really solidified her love affair with art.

After the economy drop of 2007, she lost her job in the construction industry which gave her the ability to focus on her artwork. After giving birth and raising two children to school age, she decided to permanently leave the construction industry and follow her passion of becoming a professional artist. Her personal style is based on the love of nature and abstract art and mixes the abstract with photo-realism. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, large murals on walls or refinishing furniture with funky colors and textures.

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