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Founded in 2011, Studio West, a Work Skills Corporation venture, provides people with disabilities and students with an opportunity to express their artistic abilities by creating artwork in a multitude of media, and take pride in displaying and selling their work for income. Studio West provides Work Skills Corporation, a 501(c) (3) Michigan-based organization, a venue to increase community involvement and exposure by hosting events, participating in art shows, and Chamber of Commerce events in downtown Brighton.

Located on 111 South West Street, Studio West, Home of Art with a Heart, serves as a publicly accessible gallery, showcasing the artwork of persons with disabilities, students and allies to these individuals and communities. The rotating show schedule is expected to include pieces created by individuals with disabilities, students, as well as works by instructors and supporters. A variety of artwork will be available for purchase, ranging from large pieces to small seasonal and gift items, providing income directly to the artists. In addition, Studio West staff hope to include publicly interactive pieces with many of the shows.
The gallery space also features a dynamic art workshop, offering classes that are accessible to community members with all levels of ability. People interested in taking classes, volunteering, or learning more about upcoming shows are encouraged to contact Cortney Wiggins at (810) 534-6132 and follow Studio West on Facebook at www.facebook.com/studiowestgallery.

By making the creative process and finished pieces accessible to the public, Studio West, a Work Skills Corporation venture, serves as a face, voice, and dialogue space for individuals and communities to interact across a wide array of experiences and abilities.

Work Skills Corporation

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