Mike P

Mike P
Co-Owner & Business Manager
(734) 720-9777 ext 101


Michael’s experience ranges from managing Infrastructure Operations for Fortune 500 companies like Netzero/United Online to bartending on the sunny coasts of South Beach at trendy nightclubs serving over priced drinks, from making video games to website development and hosting. He has implemented systems for industries across the board, including interactive entertainment, construction, medical management, manufacturing, building services, non profit organizations, event management services, fashion, and art entertainment. He has started companies from scratch, built offices for oversea clients, revitalized existing businesses platforms, and consulted for dozens of companies across the US and afar. He’s even spent some time teaching people how to swing swords around effectively… as in the sharp pointy metal sticks people used to kill each other with.

Michael’s eclectic skill set encompasses a wide range of business skills, including business development and management, programming and graphic design, online communities, community management, social media marketing, product development, statistical metrics and tracking, video game development, software development, and web design.

Michael volunteers for several organizations in both the artistic and humanitarian world, including local outfits like Theatre Bizzare, Lakes of Fire, Burners Without Borders, SPARK, and Health Help Project. He is a firm believer in the concept of “paying it forward”, and hopes to utilize Paint and Pour to create a platform to provide gainful employment for artists around the country that allows them to BE artists while still making a decent living. Paint and Pour is well on the way to achieving that goal.

Previous clients/employers include MGM, Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, RenAMI, and more.

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